For Students

Since we are a “Parent Teacher Student Association” we want to provide a special page on our website to benefit our students! If there is information you would like to see us post here, please email us your ideas and suggestions. Thank you!

Here is a listing of current student clubs offered at Creekland Middle School. You will find a link to the list of clubs as well as all of the teacher sponsors and other club information on the school website.

Please always check the school website and talk with teacher sponsors for the most current information and updates! The below information is intended only to familiarize students and parents with some of the many activities that Creekland has to offer students!

8th Grade JROTC

Teacher sponsor: Lt. Col. Holly, Renee White
The 8th Grade JROTC program is meant to create interest and familiarize upcoming freshmen with the CVHS JROTC program. The meetings include instruction in military protocol, marching, physical training, and cooperative and competitive games.

Students must be in 8th grade to participate, and signed participation consent forms are required. The physical requirement is the same as in PE classes, and appropriate attire for outdoor activities is required.

Meets October to April, 1st Wednesday of each month (weather permitting). Must pick up by 5PM.

Academic Bowl Team

Teacher sponsors: Mark Nazemzadeh, Eli Rollman
The mission of the Creekland Academic Bowl Team is to strengthen students’ abilities through academic rigor. Team members will be selected through a rigorous tryout.

Meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7am-8am and Wednesday 3:30pm-5:30pm.

Aeronautics Team

Teacher sponsor: Phil Dodge
Fridays at Creekview HS 4:00pm – 6:30pm

Weekends at N. Georgia Model Aviators Field (Ball Ground, GA)

Art Club

Teacher sponsor: Ana Cahill
The Art Club will offer challenging and innovating art projects to expose students to art and as a social outlet. Students will learn about artists and create art work. Projects will include clay, paint, jewelry, clothing (texture), crafts, drawing, pastels and sculpture.

The Art Club is open to students in all grades. There is a limit of 20 participants, and a $20.00 fee.

Meets 1st Wednesday of each month, beginning in September. 3:30pm-5pm. Students must be picked up by 5:00pm.

Botony Club

Teacher sponsor: Curtis Partridge
Fall/Spring – meet weekly
Winter – meet monthly
Meetings will be Wednesdays after school.

Business and Computer Club

Teacher sponsor: Kim Bennett
This club exists to provide students with a chance to improve their computer skills, to share ideas, and provide and receive help with Tech Fair projects. Students will explore Google CS projects, work with Finch robots, and get help with entries for the Tech Fair.

This club is open to all CMS students. There is a $10 fee.

Meets beginning September 13th, club will meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month through March. Room 201 (3:45-4:55). Students must be picked up by 5:00pm.

Drama Club

Teacher sponsors: Ann Burgess, LisaKay Feibus

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Teacher sponsors: Ray Catlett, Ginger Morgan, Blake Fountain, Kayla Jones
FCA is a student led club that provides a meeting place for students to receive encouragement and grow in their relationship with Christ. Activities include a beginning of the year bash, Operation Child / food drive, Get Your Game On Day, and other community service activities.

This club is open to all CMS students who have a signed permission form to attend FCA.

Meets every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 7:45 in the FACS room.

Friends Club

Teacher sponsors: Kathy Murphy, Angie Yeager, Kevin Dibble, Monica Strand
The club mission is to help students with disabilities both academically and socially. Club members benefit from training and team building, and have the opportunity to participate in Special Olympics

Interested students must apply for membership and provide teacher recommendations.

Meets once a month after school meeting. 4 times a month during connections.

Gamers Club

Teacher sponsors: Silvy Doolin, Monica Strand, Lisa Gorczyca, Laura Brown, Jenny Scarborough
Gamer’s Club at CMS seeks to provide educational opportunities through gaming. Activities and discussions aim to build critical thinking skills and strategic awareness. Board games, card games, and video games are set up in “gaming stations.” Club meetings include discussions on critical thinking skills, strategic awareness, and how these skills are helpful in school.

Meets the first Thursday of each month until 5:00pm. A schedule is provided at the first meeting.

National Junior Beta Club

Teacher sponsors: Christen Leifeld, Claudia Penland, Shelley Anderson, Liesl New, Elizabeth Reece
The National Junior Beta Club promotes the ideas of character, service, and leadership. Students plan and implement service projects for 18 hours of service credit. Club members participate in an induction ceremony.

Eligibility to participate in this club requires a student to earn all A’s for each subject grade, provide a teacher recommendation, and must have no more than 8 points off on their student agenda, have no referrals. Interested students should see a club sponsor for more information.

We will hold 4 whole group meetings in the CMS café’ after 2nd load until 4:30. Dates are accessible on the website. In addition, we will have committees available for students to sign up for to earn service hours. Times and dates will be on the club website and sent via REMIND.

News Crew

Teacher sponsor: Anne Benton
The mission of the Creekland News Crew is to encourage students to become leaders among their peers and to provide community service by recording a daily school news broadcast. Students compile morning announcements from faculty and staff, add any special announcement videos, and occasionally take pictures at school events.

News Crew can accommodate a maximum of 15 student members, and a written commitment of participation is required from both the student and parent.

Meets daily at 7:50am in the Media Center

Math Club

Teacher sponsors: Eric Pfitzner, Kerri Connor
The purpose of the CMS Math Club is to improve student achievement by preparing outstanding math students for math competitions. Students complete past competition tests in mock competitions. Students work in groups to compare answers, exchange strategies, and discuss the process of arriving at solutions.

Meets every other Monday after school until 4:45pm, beginning August 28th.

Reading Bowl Team

Teacher sponsor: Anne Benton
The Reading Bowl Team has a mission to encourage students to explore literature and build reading comprehension while preparing for the reading bowl competition on the county, district, and state level. Students are expected to attend weekly practice meetings and to attend competitions.

A commitment in writing from the student and parent is required to attend the meetings and the competitions.

Meets weekly immediately after school. Day TBD

SAT Prep Club

Teacher sponsors: Ron Schwarzman, Kim Popwell
This student club is for 7th graders only, by invitation. The mission of the SAT Prep Club is to prepare gifted students who plan on taking the SAT or ACT tests through the Duke University TIP program.

Meets weekly on Wednesday: 3:30-5:00pm. First Semester only.


Teacher sponsors: Elizabeth Huffaker, Anne Benton

Student Council

Teacher sponsors: Tricia Robinson, Rob Ware
Student Council provides community service, ensures awareness of meaningful events, and encourages students to show support for our CMS faculty and staff. Planned activities include: 3×3 Basketball Tournaments, Staff Recognition, Red Ribbon Week, Food Drives, Cupid Grams, and many community service projects throughout the school year.

Student Council members are elected from each team during the month of August. Members must maintain As and Bs throughout the school year and attend meetings after school.

Meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month until 4:45pm.